Thursday, November 27, 2014

Isaiah Possibility Day

I have just returned from three weeks in India and Kenya and find that returning to this time zone leaves me awake at odd times of the night.  Yesterday, at 4:00 a.m., I had the thought, “This was the time of year when Christina and Doug were married.”  Bringing up my mental calendar and counting the days, I realized that November 26th would have been their third wedding anniversary. 
Was it only 3 years ago that Christina walked down the aisle in her “no fear” wedding dress?

How do you mark anniversaries for those who are with Jesus and do not need an anniversary marked?

And Doug has a different  miraculous anniversary with his new wife, Susan, that we will celebrate with joy.
I prayed and I thought—what is important about November 26th?
Here is where my heart took me.  That was the day, three years ago, that Isaiah became a possibility. It’s the day that two brave people with eyes upward made a bold commitment to trust Jesus and walk a difficult journey together.  Along the way they asked Jesus about having a baby and He said, “YES!!!”  
In light of the miracle of Isaiah, I have renamed November 26 as “Isaiah Possibility Day”.
Isaiah is now two years old and thriving in his new family. I spent yesterday with him.  He told me, “Mommy Christina with Jesus.  Singing.” That made me smile.  If you knew Christina, that statement would ring absolutely true. 
I can sense Isaiah’s joy at calling out “Mommy!” and having a very present and loving Mommy to attend to him.  He loves his new family—so full and rich and vibrant. I am thankful with every breath I take that God has cared intimately for every detail of this life journey He has us on.  He has taken such good care of Isaiah and the rest of us!

The Miracle of Isaiah

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Dear Jo Dee,
    You continue to amaze me as you make this journey. What a blessing your perspective has been to so many. Happy Isaiah Possibility Day and Happy Thanksgiving.

    1. Thank you so much, Carol. This journey would be much more difficult without the encouragement, listening ear, and very kind words from my brothers and sisters in the Body of Christ.

  2. Absolutely love this! I knew yesterday felt special!! bravo!!

  3. This makes me smile, JoDee! I love how your sharing helps me to understand the depth and width of God's love for intimate and detailed!!
    I miss our walks/talks :)

    1. Thanks, Linda! Your investment in Christina's life has never stopped making me smile! Thanks for being such a great part of both of our lives.