Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Entering a New Decade

It's time.  Time to enter my 60's.  I have actually looked forward to this day--for many reasons.  Here is a lesson directly from Christina. 

Treasure the years that you are given.

Christina loved every day she drew a breath on this earth and I intend to honor her with the joy of living every one of my days with joy.  As life unfolds, I can hardly believe what lies ahead.  There is a whole new world of life coaching and training others life coaching skills that I could have never planned.  There are four grandchildren who thrive on attention.  There is a return to the Port Angeles Symphony that has been very fulfilling and joy-filled.  For as many days as I have the energy to keep going, I will pour myself into the new directions that God has opened up before me.  Truly, the verse that talks about God doing abundantly beyond what we could ask or imagine is true of God’s gift in my life.  He has given me a life that is far beyond my wildest dreams.  I am thankful He is not limited by my imagination or plans.  

There is a strange feeling of entering a decade that doesn't include Christina on a day to day basis.  Most of my 50's were spent with the reality of a daughter with brain cancer.  We wondered how long we would enjoy each other's company.  And then came the surprise of a daughter who became a bride and then a mom--all while undergoing some intense moments with treatment and management of a deadly disease.  Those days are behind--just like my 50’s. 

I miss talking with Christina—sharing the “what’s happening" stuff and talking about new insights and new directions.  I want to tell her of the escapades of her little guy.  I want to tell her what her friends are up to.  I want to tell her who needs some encouragement.  I want to ask her advice. Instead,  I just imagine Christina’s encouragement in the great cloud of witnesses spoken of in the book of Hebrews—those beautiful observers that cheer us on to run the race with endurance and to keep our eyes on Jesus.

I can almost hear her say, “Way to go, Mom.  Keep moving forward, keep loving people, do it all with all you’ve got.  And thanks, Mom, for giving Isaiah lots of hugs.  I knew you would.”